Listening Without a “me”.

Many inquiry exercises are based in vision.

Even if they are not literally visual practices,
they are written as visual metaphors
and coached in visual terms.

About 40% of the population does not learn optimally
through the visual modality.
Of that number, about 30 % are optimally aural learners.

For the primarily aural person, metaphors based in hearing,
using the language of hearing make more sense.
This exercise is for the aural learners.

Relax and be at ease.

Take a deep belly breath, as in yoga.

Let out the sound ” AH ” for as long as breath allows.

Listen to the sound.


# # # # # # # # # # # #

What is heard ?

Did the experience require any interpretation to exist ?

Listen carefully.

Without the insistence that that was ” me, singing “, what changes ?

Is the sound different in any way after introducing the thought “me” ?

Try it again.

Listen for any difference a “me” makes.

What exactly would that be ?


The ear comes from Wikipedia :

The singer comes from here:

Related post on the AH practice:

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2 Responses to Listening Without a “me”.

  1. Ronya Banks says:

    Simple, sweet, and informative!

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