Short Takes


Can you stop hearing ?
If hearing happens to someone, if it is yours, then why can’t it be controlled ?

Can you stop sensations ?
If someone is sensing, if sensing belonged to someone, wouldn’t they be able to stop it ? And yet, it goes on…

What about digestion ? Heart beating ? Breathing ?
Many autonomic processes, barely noticed run on their own in and throughout the body, keeping it alive without any conscious intervention or any awareness by anyone.

Can you stop thoughts ? Or do thoughts simply come, unbidden ?

If thoughts are not under anyone’s control, does anyone really own them?




When you were a baby, before you could speak, there were no labels.
Experience was all one.

Speech brings labels.
“I” is a label.

Did you exist when you were a baby ?

Does the baby have an “I” ?

Does anything need an “I” to exist ?





Everything in Nature happens without a self.
Seed germinates.
Plant grows.
Flower develops.
Fruit grows and ripens.
No self anywhere.
Everything happens naturally.

Look around.
Cat sleeps, eats, chases.
Does the cat have a self ?

Rain falls.
Wind blows.
What has a self anywhere ?

There is just Life happening.

Not to anyone.



Go and investigate.

Look into your experience.

See if what you have been living with all your life is really true, or just a presumption.
[that there is an ‘I’ choosing, in charge]

What lies behind the experience ? Behind the looking ?

Is there anything that actually chooses ?
Or does life just happen ?

Where is the chooser of the actions ?

Is there any ‘You’ at all ?




Imagine you are holding a watermelon.

Can you feel the watermelon in your hands ?
It’s smoothness, its roundness, its weight ?

Can you smell the watermelon ?

Does it have a temperature ?

Open your eyes !

Where is the watermelon ?!


The I is just like this !


Elena’s first pic comes from here:

Baby photo comes from here:×420-ts-78192725.jpg

Hawk pic comes from here:

Elena’s second pic comes from here:

Pic of hands from here :

Pic of watermelon from here:


These pointers come from talks by Elena Nezhinsky to a group of spiritual seekers in Mesa, Arizona. The watermelon reference was used by Nick Fetko while guiding.The original reference may be found in the book GATELESS GATECRASHERS.
Any inaccuracy or discrepancy rests entirely with the blogger, as no written notes were taken.

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