Awakening’s Direction

Awakening’s direction ?
Awakening shifts attention abruptly away
from a thought-based life
toward life as sensory awareness.

Touch and other body sensations.

Sensory experience is honest, simple, direct, without artifice.
Even when fooled, sensory experience is honestly mistaken.

Thoughts deceive and mislead just as easily as not.

Identifying with thought identifies with the untrustworthy.

That, and most thoughts last for a mere few seconds prior to dissolving.

Ever notice ?

Thoughts disappear and reappear all the time.

How could such choppy discontinuity
sustain the sense of self
that seems so smooth and life-long ?

It just doesn’t.

So where does the sense of continuity come from ?

The sense of continuity derives from a story,
written by and in awareness.

Awareness itself knows thought,
recognizes thought,
remembers thought,
holds attention upon thought,
gives thought a potential for existence,
and then misidentifies thought as a self.

The numberless gaps between thoughts
are filled with awareness of something.
Sensory experiences – vision, sound, physical sensations,
all are noticed.

Awakening moves boldly into life as sensory awareness.

Thoughts still come, no longer believed, not imagined into a “me”.

The autobiography no longer convinces.

The autobiographer disappeared
like a shadow caught from the corner of the eye.

Someday you will look in a mirror,
and a face will calmly look out from the mirror;
an identifiable face,
a familiar face.

Just no longer YOUR face.

That day will be as natural a day as today – even more so.

And what the mirror shows will be exactly what was present all along.

A face, with no one to label it “me”.


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2 Responses to Awakening’s Direction

  1. OH excellent!!! This is so good, d… really like how you clearly connect awareness and thought. You are apparently on a roll these days… :)))

  2. Hanuman Dass says:

    Excellent. I used this same analogy in a recent post as well. I made the point that awakening was akin to looking in the mirror and seeing only the mirror.


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