The Tallest Tale

The Tale of “Me”: an amazing tale, all the more so for it’s deceptive plausibility. The story falls apart when closely examined, with determined courage to  look no matter what, and an incendiary honesty for burning away the dross.

The great pretender, the doer “I”, takes credit for numberless events which it has no part in each day. Thought cannot cause. Thought cannot know. Thought cannot do. The “I” is a thought cluster, claiming credit and pointing to itself, over and over again.

The Tale of “Me” is an autobiography of a fictional character, projected from imagination into a “real” setting.

Of keen and curious interest; take note how the Mental Line of Separation divides the entire universe into two unequal halves – “me/my” (in here) and “not me” (out there). The outside is imagined to act upon the inside, and sometimes, vice versa.

The Mental Line of Separation disappears upon inspection. It’s imagined existence only lasts as long as it is not carefully sought out. Once sought, this presumption collapses, leaving behind experience without any sense of foreignness.

The sense of foreignness, a metallic aftertaste that pervades the Tale of “Me”, taints every experience, introducing a distorting sense of distance to even the most immediate event and relation.

When the Mental Line of Separation, along with the rest of this tall Tale of “Me”, is seen to never have really existed, a remarkable sense of freedom, spaciousness and ease manifest.

What else ?

The “me” disappears.
The “my” goes, too.

Emotions are.
The body is.
The past and future don’t dominate life anymore.
What happens in this moment becomes more interesting than the remembered past or imagined future – both merely states of thought.

If there were a counterpart to the Tale of “Me”,
a graphic of the after “Me”, what would it look like ?


Sensory Experience




No possession.

No line of separation.

No sense of distancing – things happen right here.

Happening without a doer.
No one to take credit, for the real or the imagined.

Habits and preferences fall away, or remain, unowned.

Just experience.
Just awareness.
Just life.


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