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Yet Another Room

For years, it felt that something was missing. Something important, even crucial. Emptiness. No-self. Dissolution. Stream entry. Prajnaparamita. Peace of God. True nature. Original nature. Spaciousness. Eternal Now. Certainly, it was not where life was lived from. And life hurt. … Continue reading

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Direct Pointing

Direct pointing is a meditative technique very similar to Buddhist emptiness practices, the differences being: 1) Direct pointing is often facilitated. 2) Direct pointing  includes the embrace of whatever emotional energy arises. 3) Direct pointing works on the scale of … Continue reading

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The Roar of Silence

This shy, bookish teenager, was haunted by a yearning for he-knew-not-what. Looking for something  to bridge the imagined divide between everyday life and the Absolute – some unnameable, indescribable experience. Voraciously consumed the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa … Continue reading

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