Awakening Exercises

[ Instructions for awakening ? Can it really be this simple ?
Guest post by Adrian De Cleir. ]

These instructions involve 4 different things …the last instruction is … the most important one… I can’t stress that enough.

And they are obviously all to do with seeing that there is no self.

1. Visual Immersion

It’s all about using what you see in front of you.
It’s a purely visual process.
That’s why when some people crack it, they say stuff like
“I literally just looked, there was nothing more to it”.

So here’s what to do:

Try and keep your eyes more open, literally.

Look at any object in front of you and try and see that there is only that object, there is no agreement between a self/you and that object, there is no experiencer of that object, there is ONLY that object. Its just an experience of that object.

It doesn’t mean you have to stare at one thing all day, you could do it anytime of the day, as you walk down the street, as you look at people, as you look at TV, as you look physically at your computer (not the content of the screen).

Literally FOCUS your eyes and SEE there is only an experience of that object, no self.

Get swallowed up in the object.

It may an object you are quickly passing by as you walk down the street.
It may be the table as you are sitting eating your breakfast.

Explanation: The deeper this has gotten for me, the more I’ve realized there truly is no experiencer, no separate self. [Some] people make statements upon experiencing this like “oneness”, “unity”.

IMO this is dangerous here, because you can end up creating an “I am everything” escape route.[for the imaginary self to continue]

2. Action checking

Whether it is scratching your head, saying something to someone, walking down the street, thinking a thought, making a decision, reacting suddenly, laughing out loud, making a slice a toast, ALWAYS try and notice that it happened without a “you” deciding it.

This will be tricky, there is easy stuff like walking, scratching the head, but then there is harder stuff like deciding to go to work that morning.

What you do for the harder stuff is try and go back further and see where the thought of that decision came from. You will always either reach a dead end or a previous thought that triggered that one.

You will never find the self that created that thought.

Do this all the time, as much as you can, for both the easy and hard stuff.

3. Other “selves”

As much as you can, look at other people, try and observe as best you can how their movements are nearly automatic.

You may even feel you are pretending it or imagining it – if that’s how you feel, that’s fine, just keep at it – just constantly notice how other people behave in almost robotic fashion, as if there is no “decider” behind any of their actions.


Doing all this once won’t work.
Doing this stuff 20 times may not work.
Even if you feel you cracked it DO NOT STOP.
Even if you feel the whole thing is a joke DO NOT STOP.
Even if you feel that forgot to do it for the last 2 hours,

Actually, you can even use that forgetfulness as further proof there is no self that can force you to do this.
Even if it [seems] completely confusing and paradoxical, i.e. the fact that you are trying to look , yet there can’t be a self to do the looking.

It’s not paradoxical…[the] human is reading these instructions, attempting it, thinking there is a self that is carrying out the instructions, until they finally crack it and realize it was all just a process that happened and was not controlled by anyone.

You have to smash this stuff from all angles as often as you can.


If you start to feel unity, you haven’t cracked it.

It’s just a glimpse, you’re on the right track.

Just don’t do the “I am everything” thing.

There is no you, simple as that.

If you feel ridiculously frustrated, good, you’re on the right track.

If you feel a sinking “worry” feeling in the stomach, good you’re on the right track.

If you know in your heart and soul that you have completely cracked it,
that you truly finally see there is no you whatsoever,
and after 24 hours you still feel that way,
you probably cracked it…

KEEP GOING ! (just in case)

So who’s up for it?


Many thanks to Adrian De Cleir for the entirety of this post, which may be read in unedited form at this url:

The first pic from is from here:

The second pic is from here:

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12 Responses to Awakening Exercises

  1. frozensun11 says:

    Thank you, I needed this conviction and reminder today especially… starting to feel like Linus and the Great Pumpkin over here 😉

    • dominic724 says:

      LOL !

      Here are 21 dialogs of people as they walked through the Gateless Gate.

      This is going on every day.

      Just before the Gate, about the only beliefs I had left were that awakening was real and that I wasn’t awake. In a manner of speaking, both were correct. Until they weren’t.

      Discouragement is an emotional state, yes ?
      What knows the state ?

      I is a thought. Thoughts do not know. Thoughts are objects which are known. What knows the thought “I” ?

      Hidden in plain sight, all of it, but the thought “I” grabs attention almost all day long, and prevents the open vacant beauty from being noticed, even though it’s everywhere, always.

      Take heart! When you wake up, all of a sudden, it won’t matter how long it seemed the trip was or what you seemed like you had to do.


  2. Lumilog says:

    What does the author mean by “agreement” in (1)?

  3. Lumilog says:

    Heyyy!!! Given the age of this post I was 99% sure there would be no reply! So thank you for the and response. 🙂

    I’ve never had the 9.5 on the Richter scale mind-blowing “seeing no-self” experience, but believe it to be true. The fact that the self can’t be found in experience could absolutely be (and I believe most probably is) because it doesn’t exist. But, it could also be that it does and is invisible (like oxygen or radio waves) or that it’s what’s doing the looking (e.g. a video camera would never find itself in footage that it takes).

    However I’m much more intrigued by what you wrote above – “What knows the thought “I”?” I can see that thoughts are known – including the I thought – but in trying to get at what it is that sees them I hit a brick wall. Are you saying that you see what this is?

    Again thank you for the great collections of posts.

    • dominic724 says:

      Yes, and am aware of hundreds of others who see it as well. Have personally met dozens.

      At first, seeing “it” feels more like the glaring absence of a stolen car: the shock and confusion while staring open-mouthed at the empty parking place where there HAD been a car – MY car! – and now there is just a space. In time that changes too.

      If this sort of thing interests you, and you like to read, you might try Jed McKenna’s books. If you want to listen to videos or podcasts, Fred Davis is pretty awesome. Adyashanti inspired me in a big way. If you are willing to try some energy work, the RASA of Ramaji and Ananda carries an extraordinary power and can help land long-time seekers over the threshold. If you are really willing to put your money where your mouth is ( figure of speech) Jeffrey Martin’s Finder’s Course has even succeeded in catapulting people from a place of no practice all the way into Awakeville. So there you have it.

      Glad you have enjoyed reading the trail of breadcrumbs left here on WordPress.

      • Lumilog says:

        Loved your description & thank you for the recommendations. Quite familiar with McKenna, Adya & Fred but RASA & Finder’s were new leads. As you hinted, quite a price for admission.

        I was intrigued by your “what knows the thought ‘I'” as it reminded me of David Carse’s suggested line of inquiry: “Who is the ‘I’ that is in stillness?” I will continue to ponder these and enjoy your archives…

      • dominic724 says:

        One more approach…
        Have you tried the Gate at Liberation Unleashed ? There is not much of any support afterwards, but it is free.
        If you are reading McKenna and Carse, you may not have long left for dreaming-of-me-land regardless. Unlike in centuries past, today there are plenty of friends ready to welcome you. Would be delighted to hear how the dream ends there. All joy! – d

  4. Lumilog says:

    Thank you Dominic. I’d forgotten about and will revisit. I remember enjoying some of his mp3s a while back. And yes, I’ve probably spent more time with Perfect Brilliant Stillness than any book ever. It’s kinda my bible. 🙂

    I actually have been through LU & think very highly of them – which brings up the conundrum I now experience. LU is very clear at the outset that some people experience fireworks, some do not. And going through the gate is not going to solve all your problems, make you ecstatically happy all the time, etc. The point is just to see that the me is an idea – a label you put on thoughts & actions that are actually happening automatically. I mean, the frog in the garden seeks shelter, finds food, avoids danger, mates, etc. and it’s not (apparently) because there’s a little froggy self in there driving the froggy body!

    It is enormously helpful to see what I described above. Makes life about 90% easier.

    But there seems to be a step beyond this where, for lack of a better description, after seeing what you’re NOT, you see what you ARE (or everything is). Statements are made such as “I am That”, “Everything is Consciousness”, “From eternity, without time, I Am, the unborn.” That bit is just lost on me, so I continue to seek some resolution. It makes me think perhaps my understanding is more in my head than in my bones.

    Thanks for the add’l comments. I appreciate your time – I know you have a life. 🙂

    • dominic724 says:

      Here’s a concise description of a model I have found useful:
      Jeffrey Martin’s model of post-awakening experience clusters ( “locations”)

      When I fell awake 8 yrs. ago, I had landed in a similar place as what you describe. Jeffrey Martin’s locational model calls this ” Location 1″ . Location 1 ( a dualistic experience cluster) colored this experience for about 3 years, until I met Dr. Martin in 2014 and asked him what people do to get out of it. At the time, his answer was Ascension practice and Actualism /Unprovoked Happiness. I checked out both and ended up practicing Ascension with a great teacher (deceased) for the next 2 years. Ascension is very heart-based/ heart-opening. So by 2016 experience here was much more like “Location 2”. In retrospect, the Headless Way experiments of Douglas Harding / Richard Lang can also lead to early Location 2 experience. Location 2 is a nondual experience cluster. There is your I-am-everything.

      The other angle that came up was embodiment. You, me, the L.U., the Finders Course, lots of us come to the initial awakening through awareness practices. Once we are initially awake, that may not be what helps to move us most effectively along further or deeper into the awakening. So you find numerous teachers talking about post-awakening embodiment( Adya, Jan Frazier, Judith Blackstone, Ramaji & Ananda, Jean Klein , Rupert Spira, Gurgieff) , and about how of the three centers of consciousness – head, heart and gut – that often at first only the head wakes up. This definitely was the case here. Ascension practice really opened my heart, and there are plenty of other love-based practices to try. Similarly it has been just this year that a particular gut based practice has really helped clear some stuck energy patterns out of the gut center.

      The most helpful thing I suppose to have learned after sitting in the vestibule of Awakeville for three years was that practice changes style and emphasis, but it continues, and that more awareness practices were not what was needed or helpful. Believe it or not, I was very unclear on this point and did not have anyone around at the time to clarify this.


  5. Lumilog says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this. I think I’ve been stuck in the same place you mentioned in your last paragraph. It makes perfect sense that something different might be called for – otherwise you’re doing what you’ve always done but expecting different results – madness. Can’t believe I never considered this.

    After reading all you wrote I was taken back to a conversation I had with Jan Frazier when she asked me “have you tried being grateful for how far you’ve gotten?”. I interpreted that as her saying I was being greedy to want more but she clarified that that wasn’t at all what she was saying – rather that the state of gratitude can be a door opener. I never followed up on this as, not being a theist, I thought – yeah but who would I be grateful too?! – and dropped it. But now I get it. A totally different direction.

    I won’t take more of your time but – a big thank you. Will look up ascension / unprovoked happiness to see what it even is and will probably pick up Martin’s Finders book too. Really, really appreciate it.

    • dominic724 says:

      I had the same reaction to the indication that gratitude might be a direction for practice. Gratitude to who ? It came from a Buddhist teacher – John Yates. ” Suchness. Thusness. All that is.” It would have helped me a lot if I had picked up on his comment, but instead I set it down, and slogged on for another 6 years wondering what was missing ?

      An ascension phrase ( called an “attitude”) is repeated to oneself and then there is resting in the space left, with the effect of the phrase. It sounds like an affirmation, but really is in a separate category by itself. There are dozens of phrases, learned in a particular order. It was transformative here. Your mileage may vary.

      Actualism is the slightly older name for unprovoked happiness. See here:

      A practice based on tuning into the inherent enjoyment of this moment of being alive. This is a new tradition relatively speaking created by an Australian named Richard. Lots of information out there on the practice.

      a) [Some thoughts from Daniel Ingram who practiced the method for a while] ( , More Thoughts


      c)The Official Actual Freedom Website is actually the last place I recommend because of the weird layout, difficulty parsing the information there and general bizarreness, but it’s here if you want to take a look –

      Bonus for having read this far:

      Lester Levenson Love Technique
      Same guy as Sedona Method. Technique is straightforward:

      Step 1: Whenever you have a non-loving feeling that you want to release, simply ask yourself: “Could I change this feeling to love?”

      Step 2: When you answer “yes,” the non-loving feeling will start to go.

      More details are available: [1] (, [2] (

      This life has not brought anything more worthwhile into consciousness than conversations such as this.

      Good luck on your journey.


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