Awakening Exercises

[ Instructions for awakening ? Can it really be this simple ?
Guest post by Adrian De Cleir. ]

These instructions involve 4 different things …the last instruction is … the most important one… I can’t stress that enough.

And they are obviously all to do with seeing that there is no self.

1. Visual Immersion

It’s all about using what you see in front of you.
It’s a purely visual process.
That’s why when some people crack it, they say stuff like
“I literally just looked, there was nothing more to it”.

So here’s what to do:

Try and keep your eyes more open, literally.

Look at any object in front of you and try and see that there is only that object, there is no agreement between a self/you and that object, there is no experiencer of that object, there is ONLY that object. Its just an experience of that object.

It doesn’t mean you have to stare at one thing all day, you could do it anytime of the day, as you walk down the street, as you look at people, as you look at TV, as you look physically at your computer (not the content of the screen).

Literally FOCUS your eyes and SEE there is only an experience of that object, no self.

Get swallowed up in the object.

It may an object you are quickly passing by as you walk down the street.
It may be the table as you are sitting eating your breakfast.

Explanation: The deeper this has gotten for me, the more I’ve realized there truly is no experiencer, no separate self. [Some] people make statements upon experiencing this like “oneness”, “unity”.

IMO this is dangerous here, because you can end up creating an “I am everything” escape route.[for the imaginary self to continue]

2. Action checking

Whether it is scratching your head, saying something to someone, walking down the street, thinking a thought, making a decision, reacting suddenly, laughing out loud, making a slice a toast, ALWAYS try and notice that it happened without a “you” deciding it.

This will be tricky, there is easy stuff like walking, scratching the head, but then there is harder stuff like deciding to go to work that morning.

What you do for the harder stuff is try and go back further and see where the thought of that decision came from. You will always either reach a dead end or a previous thought that triggered that one.

You will never find the self that created that thought.

Do this all the time, as much as you can, for both the easy and hard stuff.

3. Other “selves”

As much as you can, look at other people, try and observe as best you can how their movements are nearly automatic.

You may even feel you are pretending it or imagining it – if that’s how you feel, that’s fine, just keep at it – just constantly notice how other people behave in almost robotic fashion, as if there is no “decider” behind any of their actions.


Doing all this once won’t work.
Doing this stuff 20 times may not work.
Even if you feel you cracked it DO NOT STOP.
Even if you feel the whole thing is a joke DO NOT STOP.
Even if you feel that forgot to do it for the last 2 hours,

Actually, you can even use that forgetfulness as further proof there is no self that can force you to do this.
Even if it [seems] completely confusing and paradoxical, i.e. the fact that you are trying to look , yet there can’t be a self to do the looking.

It’s not paradoxical…[the] human is reading these instructions, attempting it, thinking there is a self that is carrying out the instructions, until they finally crack it and realize it was all just a process that happened and was not controlled by anyone.

You have to smash this stuff from all angles as often as you can.


If you start to feel unity, you haven’t cracked it.

It’s just a glimpse, you’re on the right track.

Just don’t do the “I am everything” thing.

There is no you, simple as that.

If you feel ridiculously frustrated, good, you’re on the right track.

If you feel a sinking “worry” feeling in the stomach, good you’re on the right track.

If you know in your heart and soul that you have completely cracked it,
that you truly finally see there is no you whatsoever,
and after 24 hours you still feel that way,
you probably cracked it…

KEEP GOING ! (just in case)

So who’s up for it?


Many thanks to Adrian De Cleir for the entirety of this post, which may be read in unedited form at this url:

The first pic from is from here:

The second pic is from here:


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2 Responses to Awakening Exercises

  1. frozensun11 says:

    Thank you, I needed this conviction and reminder today especially… starting to feel like Linus and the Great Pumpkin over here 😉

    • dominic724 says:

      LOL !

      Here are 21 dialogs of people as they walked through the Gateless Gate.

      This is going on every day.

      Just before the Gate, about the only beliefs I had left were that awakening was real and that I wasn’t awake. In a manner of speaking, both were correct. Until they weren’t.

      Discouragement is an emotional state, yes ?
      What knows the state ?

      I is a thought. Thoughts do not know. Thoughts are objects which are known. What knows the thought “I” ?

      Hidden in plain sight, all of it, but the thought “I” grabs attention almost all day long, and prevents the open vacant beauty from being noticed, even though it’s everywhere, always.

      Take heart! When you wake up, all of a sudden, it won’t matter how long it seemed the trip was or what you seemed like you had to do.


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