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what happens when all authority is abandoned?

what happens when all authority is abandoned? by miriam louisa 341 If you’re born blind, totally blind, you need to be told about light.  That’s the only way you’ll come to believe something like light exists.  But if you aren’t blind, … Continue reading

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Awakening’s Direction

Awakening’s direction ? Awakening shifts attention abruptly away from a thought-based life toward life as sensory awareness. Seeing. Hearing. Touch and other body sensations. Sensory experience is honest, simple, direct, without artifice. Even when fooled, sensory experience is honestly mistaken. … Continue reading

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Sensory Immersion

Awakening is refocusing attention away from identification with thoughts, and toward the sensory world. Michel Tardieu, a guide at the Liberation Unleashed forum, wrote these exercises to help bring and keep attention, and then awareness of attention, in the sensory … Continue reading

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Holey Moley, I’m Awake!

[Guest post from Lori Ann, author of THE AWAKENED DREAMER blog, sharing her waking up experience. Enjoy ! ( ed. note: This re-post has not been edited in any way. – d)] Holey Moley, I’m Awake! by Lori Ann Posted … Continue reading

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There is No You

There is no you, no matter where or how you look. An empty belief, much like Santa Claus, is what it comes down to. At least with Santa Claus, we can all in general refer to something with common characteristics, … Continue reading

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First break …

It was on a week long silent retreat, in March of 2010, that I was reading a few lines out of the book ” Nothing Personal ” by Nirmala. Nirmala clearly points out that thoughts are objects which are known … Continue reading

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