Sort of About

A former spiritual seeker started blogging, and VN happened.

This blog was written in the first 5 years after that strange day,
with a rather narrow focus on crossing into the “I”-less life.

The other blog Standing in an Open Field provides much more variety, color and nuance, reflecting the author’s current experiences.

Drop on by, you’ll be glad you did.


15 Responses to Sort of About

  1. tomkuoh says:

    i like the name of this blog. Vanishing Narrative. correct me if I’m wrong, but I see ourselves as story generating machines. We intake observed facts and string them together to form our history and our future. However all the spiritual practices I’ve participated in can be summarized as diminishing one’s narrative, in order to see the moment as it really is, without the false stories clouding our judgment.


    • dominic724 says:

      Yes. Yes. Thanks for reading & commenting. So too has been experience here. Kind Regards, -dn

    • Göran says:

      But then, once the narrative is seen through and reality takes its place, one is free to constructs one’s own narrative. Custom made. There’s nothing wrong with a narrative once it’s recognized as such(instead of being mistaken for reality itself) – and once it is, you’re free to design yours however you want.

  2. I read your blog religiously and always enjoy your thought-provoking posts. I’ve nominated you for “The Sunshine Award”; if you accept, you’ll have the opportunity to nominate other bloggers for it. If you do wish to accept, here are the instructions:

  3. Interesting site, Dominic. I look forward to exploring it.

    • dominic724 says:

      Welcome! Stop by any time. The other blog is focused on pointing : Vanishing Narrative. SIAOF is a little about that but also about everything else. Anything to help, relative or (~)absolute sounding, if I can write it, here it appears.

      Enjoy your presentation at Resting in Awareness . com . It’s a lovely blog and will be reading more of your writing. – d

  4. Hi Dominic, I’ve added a link to Vanishing Narrative on my blog.

    • dominic724 says:

      Thanks. Never know when or if I’ll post again on VN. Feel that everything has been so thoroughly said and re-said. Then one more thing – a slightly different way to say the same thing – comes along…and it goes up. – d

  5. In Blue says:

    I have nominated you for ‘A Thought Provoking Blog’ Award…..thanks…

  6. Dominic – thanks for your heart-warming cascade of *likes* at my blogs, and for choosing to subscribe. There’s a deep resonance with your expressions of the inexpressible. I’ve added links to your blog on both *echoes from emptiness* and *this unlit light*. ~ ml

    • dominic724 says:

      Wow! It’s like getting a post from Emily DIckinson, only miriam louisa is still alive ! Am delighted VN has links on E F E and TUL. Thanks for repeatedly leaving me speechless ! – d

  7. Yes it’s challenging. It makes sense to write and try to share the experience with others while we have the chance but of course it’s all been said and – it’s also so simple – just what is. So I like the poetic approach. But how do you share what can’t be given?

  8. Thanks for sharing that link, I will explore it and your other pointers and links. It’s very helpful to read other perspectives. I find use of language very difficult so it’s helpful read the posts of others who have, well, what should it be called? Awakened? Realised truth? Realised non-duality? Perhaps the terms aren’t as important as the effort to share the experience.

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