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A former seeker starts blogging.

Narrative’s End

This blog was born from an evangelistic impulse, a wish to help the broken world know about an amazing development in human consciousness, the next step toward eliminating human suffering. That view covers a small corner of human experience. The bogeyman … Continue reading

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Zoom In, Zoom Out

While the body feels good, anything goes. But really, once discomfort shows up in any form, it’s time to pay attention to what really matters. The no self business won’t hold up under any real unpleasantness, will it ? Has … Continue reading

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Born Free

At least three people alive today were born without the capacity for autobiographical memory. Their narrative did not vanish; it was never written. Memories of factual information remain intact. Gary Weber posted an amazing piece on his blog HAPPINESS BEYOND … Continue reading

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Almost five years after that very strange day, when this character disappeared an echo from that disappearance finally fell away not from proof from trust the echo was the fear that this nobody-ness was some kind of epiphenomena left over … Continue reading

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Waiting Room

sitting in the waiting room bright florescents overhead magazines (new) and TV (sports) one other patient nervously flipped through Cosmo as if she could flip away the reason she had come oncology, a popular specialty this century patients invoke the … Continue reading

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The Imposter

Who am I ? I am in charge of my life. I follow my destiny. I am someone who knows what he wants. I don’t know what I want. I want more. I never meant to get injured. I never … Continue reading

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Yet Another Room

For years, it felt that something was missing. Something important, even crucial. Emptiness. No-self. Dissolution. Stream entry. Prajnaparamita. Peace of God. True nature. Original nature. Spaciousness. Eternal Now. Certainly, it was not where life was lived from. And life hurt. … Continue reading

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” I just don’t see what awakening is good for. The people I know who have woken up – I don’t see how this has improved their lives. ” – Zelda Riffing off Zelda’s comment … Frankly… Awakening isn’t good … Continue reading

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Gurdjieff STOP Exercise

[ This Guest post comes in its entirety from the blog Truth Can Save You, found here: many thanks for it ! ] Gurdjieff would tell his disciples to engage in all kinds of activities: somebody is digging in … Continue reading

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Of course choice exists! Of course choice happens! Of course we “have” a choice! Don’t we ? The argument about free will  was delineated 2500 years ago in ancient Greece and hasn’t been settled since due to lack of evidence. … Continue reading

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