Narrative’s End

This blog was born from an evangelistic impulse,
a wish to help the broken world know about
an amazing development in human consciousness,
the next step toward
eliminating human suffering.

That view covers a small corner of human experience.

The bogeyman of suffering in the broken world,
carried over from Buddhist philosophy,
blended with the taint of self-seriousness,
painted a world full of misguided apparent sufferers.

This one-time ” virtuous motivation
“- the ending of suffering –
now appears as a ridiculous distortion,
reinforcing dualistic appearences
in the story about who is suffering.

Just another cloud of misleading thoughts,
insubstantial and fragmentary.

Suffering continues, but how ?

With who ?

Investigation lays bare the simplest questions,
demanding that we start again.

Suffering today looks more like rough-house play.


Knocking around.
Chaotic, even violent.

Still, no one anywhere to harm or to recieve harm.

Lots of material for countless narratives.

But what about those who do do not experience this ?
Whoever does not feel this way ?

This whole life here has been a response to suffering and how to respond to it more intelligently, yet. it now appears that no one ever suffered and no one ever will suffer.

It’s all very confusing.

The basis for this blog was an objection to what is,
an attempt to address a perceived problem in what is.


What is, is.

Waking up.

What is, is.

Why do so many blogs like this one
just stop,
or are taken down ?

Perhaps they just never got around
to writing the final post
where they say why they stopped.

This blogger stopped fixating on the absence of the false and
started noticing the inexpressable Presence that is always here.

Consciousness is everything.
Experience is everything.
Isness is everything.

No problems to address.

No one anywhere to save.

Nothing left out of the equation.

No self and selfiness;
are both colorful  flourishes
of the ineffable Self
that cannot be
measured, harmed, lost or improved
in which is written
every story
as it happens.

Awake and asleep,
in clarity and ignorance,
what sees , feels, knows ?

What never leaves?

Nothing left to say.


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