Brief Rant about the No-self Thingy

1) A salient characteristic of the dream life : the innocent mistaking of the autobiographical self= dream character= thought-made self for “something real” (a.k.a.  “me”).

2) The autobiographical self= dream character= thought-made self does not exist outside of the dreaming mind, and upon careful inspection, cannot be found anywhere.

3) The life story of the dream character overlays the collection of sensory experiences.

4) The autobiographical self=dream character=life imagined as a thought-made self continues as long as the delicate face mask of autobiographical identity remains unexamined through direct seeing.

5) One moment of direct seeing – a single look of penetrating clarity wherever the dream self is imagined to reside, and the illusion of separation collapses.

6) Direct pointing functions effectively ( there are many other methods – this one can act pretty quickly) in aiding the seeing through the illusion of the separate self, and thus dissolving the thought story that sustains the dream character.

7) Liberation Unleashed is a group of volunteers who have seen through the dream of separation, and who work to free others from the burden of the dream life.


For help or to learn more, please visit Liberation Unleashed at

Link for the face off pic is not available.

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