Waiting Room


sitting in the waiting room
bright florescents overhead
magazines (new) and TV (sports)

one other patient
flipped through Cosmo
as if she could flip away
the reason she had come

oncology, a popular specialty
this century
patients invoke the doctor’s name
like a talisman
to ward off death

how many people
have sat here
and in places like this
by compulsive, anxious thoughts

“what will happen to me ?”
“do i have cancer ?”
“how long do i have to live ?”
“how will i pay ?”

minds racing with fear
like startled horses
galloping madly
around the same oval track

this patient sat
with heart overflowing
for all the nervous experiencers
tormented with black worlds of
” what if…?”,
“suppose I…?”, and
” why me ?”

for the sea of anxiety
washing over
the subjects of medical tests
discoverers of lumps and bumps,
bearers of symptoms
waiting, all

shoving fear
into mind’s back alley

from where it springs forward
appalling, gripping, cold

those lives
this life
under the bright overheads

met through
simple recognition
of the common experience
of illness
and of mind

when “I” is absent
nothing stops
compassion’s outpour

sitting – not knowing – present

a nurse called my name

with calm heart
and mind at ease
it was into the office
to hear the results

_ _ __ ___ _____ _________ ______________

Photo of chairs from here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/julep67/88395239

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