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A Little Less Moss

In 2005 I met one of “Them”- my first encounter with someone who lived in spacious clarity every day. Thai Buddhist teacher and meditation coach Ajhan Jeerapong Pairote shone his brilliant simplicity on the selfy skepticism and gloomy Western attitude … Continue reading

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The Tapping Continues ….

The known is limited: limited to the past, to concepts, to the described and the describable. Trusting the known passes for common sense. ” Better the devil that you know…” = sage advice. Apparently, even a devil warrants trust, as long … Continue reading

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Awakening Happens in Experience

The ideal resides in thought alone. Experience outside of thought reveals more. More detail. More roughness. More richness. More complexity. More than can really be chewed in one mouthful. Thought appears complete: a packet of words or an image. Finished. Polished. … Continue reading

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First break …

It was on a week long silent retreat, in March of 2010, that I was reading a few lines out of the book ” Nothing Personal ” by Nirmala. Nirmala clearly points out that thoughts are objects which are known … Continue reading

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