Yet Another Room

For years, it felt that something was missing.

Something important, even crucial.

Stream entry.
Peace of God.
True nature.
Original nature.
Eternal Now.

Certainly, it was not where life was lived from.

And life hurt.

The hurt was certainly related to the absence of the missing element.

Belief: ” When the missing element was found then the hurt would end.”

Story over.

With the story over, there would be no more curiosity.

Right ?

Not really.

Emptiness is one room in the mansion of life.

When viewed from within the room of emptiness, everything looks empty.

Sexual expression is another.

When viewwed from within the room of sexuality, the world feels like a very steamy place.

So with grief.

From the room of grief, the path of life is paved with loss.



Knowledge of the energy body.

Lucid dreaming.



The joy of being alive.

Many, many others.

Searching for emptiness ends.

Inquisitiveness about living as a human continues.

Each experience another flavor, a different room in the house of consciousness.

What rooms have you explored so far ?

Just conscious awareness ?

A few others ?

How many are there ? How do you know ?

Are they all you ? Parts of you ? Not you ?

What knows the rooms ?



Floor plan from here.


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