Zoom In, Zoom Out

Candle FlameWhile the body feels good, anything goes.

But really, once discomfort shows up in any form,
it’s time to pay attention to what really matters.

The no self business won’t hold up under any real unpleasantness, will it ?

Has any serious unpleasantness transpired in this life in the last 5 years ?

Hmm, let’s see. ( looks up, cradles chin in hand, taps foot )

Something difficult, something that might provide a real test of the enduring power
to see awareness “at work” while the individual experienced physical stress ?

If so, what does it say about the resilience,
the durability of the no self realization ?
( at least here, at least so far )

….. ….. ….. ….. …..

A few months ago, mid-morning at the office.
A pen rolled off the desk.

While bending over to pick it up
a blindingly sharp stab
sucked the breath from the lungs
demanded at once
lying on the floor,
prone and gasping
to get up ?

With some creativity, experimentation
persistence, and the support of a chair leg,
verticality was regained.

An emergency visit to the nearest chiropractor
needed to happen at once –
small movements of near any kind
triggered sharp stabbing pains
( level 9 on a 0-10 scale )
with each breath a gasp.

The closest chiropractor office sat just 7 blocks away.
It took nearly an hour, shuffling slowly
to reach the nearest chiropractor.

During this time, awareness zoomed in
to co-ordinate the unusual
difficulty of walking,

zoomed out to notice
the spaciousness remaining,
untouched and unaffected by the body’s new limitations.

The chiropractor set this spine on the road to recovery, many thanks for it.

* * ** *** ***** ******** *************

Am not saying that nothing could shake realization.

This view depends on supporting conditions for its existence.
If those supporting things changed, the view could be lost.

It follows that a trauma to the brain, for instance, could cause the view to disappear.

On the day of the back spasms,
the enduring quality of spacious seeing
did not flicker
for an instant
always available
when attention was free.

Debilitating acute pain
did not chase it away.

Even pain finds a place
in the awareness that admits
whatever arises.


* * ** *** ***** ******** *********** ************************

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