Of course choice exists!

Of course choice happens!

Of course we “have” a choice!

Don’t we ?

The argument about free will  was delineated 2500 years ago in ancient Greece and hasn’t been settled since due to lack of evidence.

It is convenient for some, due to ideology, convenience,  and other motivations to grab the choicelessness banner and proclaim the argument over .

Is it ?


There is really no evidence, either way.

The “problem” was that an imaginary “chooser” has been debunked/eliminated/seen through.

Yay !

Who is not on the side of the debunkers ?

Who is not on the side of fearless truth ? !

It’s just that the real question is not ” Is the imaginary, mentally fabricated ‘ I ‘ making the choice ” ?

Perhaps it was the ” Wrong Question” .

Because there is a straight answer for that question.

The answer is unequivocally “NO”.

The fake self never choose.

The fake self never did anything.

The fake self never contributed at all to this life.

The unreal does not exist.

The unreal may misdirect, confuse, cloud, mystify, albeit temporarily.

Then it clears away.

Clearing away happens again and again.

As many times as it needs to.

And clarity is restored.

For a while.

So the question is mistaken.

The primordial question is not ” “Does the false self, which was mistaken for the sense of agency in this life,  actually make decisions ? ”

No, nonexistent entities do not act, much less make decisions.

The primordial question is deeper than that.

The primordial question is:

” Does choosing exist at all, separate from it’s apparent appearance ? ”

Today’s response :

” What answer would benefit your growth toward recognizing  the Ultimate Truth more deeply ? ”

Whatever answer you see is currently the path for “you”.

Until, perhaps, it isn’t.

Did anyone promise a path ?

The pavers are dissolving beneath “your” feet.

Much love.

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