Direct Pointing

Direct pointing is a meditative technique very similar to Buddhist emptiness practices, the differences being:

1) Direct pointing is often facilitated.

2) Direct pointing  includes the embrace of whatever emotional energy arises.

3) Direct pointing works on the scale of days or hours, even minutes in some cases.

4) Direct pointing works by directly pointing to the “I” by the facilitator ( liberator, agent) directly looking at the “I” by the meditator.(client)

The liberator has been through the process him/herself, they are volunteers who donate their ability for free.

There is no fee. There is nothing to buy.

The “Gateless Gate” is a metaphor from Zen which is sometimes used to refer to the metaphorical exit from the imaginary life as an “I”.

If you are ready to try a sincere, serious look for the self, why not stop by the new site “Liberation Unleashed”.

What you find may surprise … you.

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