Sadness After Awakening

[ ***Post below from January of 2012. Commentary from June, 2013. ***

Nonacceptance of reality, and of the arc of other people’s lives, leads to suffering,  awakening or not.

Awakening is not magic, it doesn’t erase every conditioned response.

Hardly at all, actually.

Wait a while, and the conditioned habits start reporting for duty !  

Many such experiences provide the beginnings for in-depth housecleaning.

It is even possible to fashion a new, improved awakened identity out of the experience of seeing the void. Post-Gate identities provide new falsehoods to see through and dissolve.

The example below shows how a common misconception often survives the awakening experience ( I-know-what-you-should-do!) and if one misconception can survive, other misconceptions survive as well. d – 6/2013]


It’s been six months since awakening happened here.

Created and maintain two blogs: Vanishing Narrative for the Liberation Unleashed/secular crowd, and Standing In An Open Field for Buddhists and everyone  else under the sun, both about awakening.

Exposed quite a few people to the no self thing since then, challenged them face-to-face, with mostly forgettable results.

At an informed guess, since the start of the RT experiment (which ended in 2011) that catalyzed awakening here, there were at least 230+ liberations.

There have been dozens since then through the  Liberation Unleashed forum and No

Adyashanti’s students also experience awakenings, as do serious Buddhist meditators,  people from other traditions who dwell in extended silence like Bernadette Roberts, and some wake up spontaneously, like Suzanne Segal .

More than 7 , 000, 000, 000 people live on the Earth.

(Some of them have nuclear weapons.)

No colleagues are through the Gate.

Most of my friends are not through the Gate.

No family member is through the Gate.

They are not interested in such things, or it just doesn’t penetrate the veil of thought.

This sadness started after passing through the Gateless Gate.

Very, very few of us have crossed into an awake life.

Most of the world continues to sleep.

And in their sleep they suffer, dreaming wild dreams born of frustration,  fear and depression, violence and insanity.

Am in a position to witness the suffering,
born of the confusion that lived here once, now seemingly gone.

Sadness comes, remains unresisted, and dispels naturally.

Nothing to stick to.


I awoke, only to find that the rest of the world is still asleep.

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2 Responses to Sadness After Awakening

  1. Lynnjkelly says:

    All true, and well said. But why should we expect to find company in the waking up? Did we think it would all be roses and deep friendships? Despite the non-existence of a self, suffering is present, real, and in our faces. Does knowing that suffering is ownerless help us live with it? It can.

    There’s a mistake in seeing awakening as an end. It’s actually a beginning, and a subtle one at that. It’s the beginning of seeing things as they are. The joke on us is that we have to now experience everything all over again, just with a better understanding. There’s no resting place.

    Those who are not yet awake are just as much on the path as those who have passed through the gate. Some who have passed through the gate have lost interest in continuing the development. Let’s seek out friends who are interested in deepening understanding, whether they are “awake” or not.

    In friendship, Lynn

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