What to Do ?

But what do I DO !? I don’t know what to DO !

The year prior to the Gate crossing was pretty ordinary in most respects.
Good health.
Daily meditation.
Daily inquiry.
Still enjoyed reading lots of spiritual authors,
especially J. Krishnamurti, Adyashanti, Nirmala
and eventually, Elena Nezhinky.
Installed a new air conditioner right before the heat of summer.
Attended a cousin’s wedding in June.
Pretty ordinary.

Except for one thing.

Month after month, this thing gnawed away in the back of the mind
like a dog gnaws her favorite bone.

Sometimes I could put it out of the mind for a while,
by directing attention elsewhere.

Eventually, attention returned to the gnawing;
to a question born of exasperation,
met again and again
by the stony silence
of empty space.


I read all these cool books.
These people are AWAKE, right ?
They KNOW something, right ?
(or at least, they un-know it)

So, in order to get to where they are,
it follows that they had to DO something.

To become like them
(obviously I was not like them
I had to figure out what to DO.

Well, what did THEY do ?

I loved reading J. Krishnamurti,
but I didn’t really get what he was talking about.

Reading more didn’t help.
I didn’t know what he did.

I also loved Nirmala’s writing.
Reading one of his books; Nothing Personal,
and contemplating a passage or two on a silent retreat, actually drifted
right in front of the Gate once, before getting slammed back;
nearly paralyzed with terror by a “me” that was fighting for its survival.

This experience led to a course of daily inquiry practice that lasted until the Gate,
16 months later.

But I didn’t know how effective inquiry was going to turn out.
I didn’t know that it was “working” at all.

Nirmala went to India.
That’s what he did.

I had heard this one before.
That was not what I needed to do.

Adyashanti meditated for 14 years, sometimes 4 hours or more a day.
His awakening story, which I listened to again and again, was not a doing.
It was something that happened to him.
This was certainly not something that he did.

I still didn’t know what to do.

Stumbled across the blog COMPLETE HUMANITY.
Faithfully, even voraciously consumed every post.

The blog consisted of dialogs of people who would chat
back and forth with this woman, Elena.

After a while, something happened – a big shift in tone –
suddenly everyone spoke very differently,
and everyone was happy and Elena would ask the guests:
“What does it feel like to be liberated?”

I didn’t get it.

What did they do ?

I heard Elena reference this other blogger,
Ciaran Healy, and went reading through his blog archives*. (*no longer existing)

He used a video metaphor; saying how we imagine
that we are separate from everything outside of us,
as if we were watching a video.

He noted that the things in the video “outside” seem to act upon us “inside”.

He then asked how could this be ?

What could possibly hold back
all the space outside from the space inside ?

This is only imagination.
We are not watching the video.
We are the video.

There is no one watching.
It’s all just the video.
With no watcher.

Watching happens.

The watcher here collapsed.

And I hadn’t done a thing.

Awakening happens when seeing beholds the self’s absence.

Can anyone DO anything to make it happen ?

It’s not about doing.

It’s about looking and seeing.

Look the right way.

The absence is never not here.
Even as you read this,
it’s here.

It can’t go anywhere.
It can’t be lost.
No one owns it.
No one can make it happen.

Yet it is see-able, 
many have seen it,
and lots of us live from there.

Is there a doer at all ?

Once seeing beholds the absence, will it matter ?


Elena Nezhinsky’s blog COMPLETE HUMANITY still exists. The masthead comes from completehumanity.blogspot.com . Currently, people interested in guidance for crossing the Gate are directed to this site : http://liberationunleashed.com/

The symbolic gate in the circle pic comes from the same site.

The map of India came from here: http://www.infoplease.com/atlas/country/india.html

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6 Responses to What to Do ?

  1. So funny, Dominic… I found Elena’s blog, then copies of Cirian’s blog archives, too. Went through the gate at the LU website..

    Nothing to do. Oh yeah. Still that way here. Nothing to do. So cool.


  2. Shantideva says:

    Yes… Nothing to do, that’s perfectly true… Of course they were all awake and a lot still are and many more will be but reading will always stay a dualistic approach to something beyond that. But, what would be if such people of skilful writing wouldn’t have pointed out that there is something beyond? Some meditate a lifetime and others just get it after a couple of years of deep observation. It is said that it is all in our luggage when we are born. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. zenkitties says:

    Hey Dominic,

    I see you checked out Ciarans archives as well (as many others), good to hear you had the self-realization. Now comes the fun part of cleaning the house of the rest of the junk that is just going to sit around and help collect dust haha. Cheers buddy. =]

    • dominic724 says:

      A buddy in the vastness ? They pop up most delightfully, eh ?

      My one-time teacher Shinzen Young said about awakening, that afterwards, there is left emptiness, and a pile of bad habits. And if we don’t muck it up (by trying to DO something ) in time, the emptiness wears away the bad habits, until just the emptiness is left.

      That matches my experience, and that’s where I am.

      And I wish the same for all humanity.


      • zenkitties says:

        I’ve found this is true as well, the less meddling that’s done, the easier it becomes. I refer to the clearing as thoughts slowly dying off that are no longer being nourished. It kind of sucks the body has to be put through what seems like so much but emptiness will always prevail no matter if one gets caught back up in attachment. Once its seen the process has already started.

        A buddy indeed. I tracked you back from my blog Atomic Potential, so I thought I would come in and take a visit. 🙂


      • dominic724 says:

        Welcome ! Ya, it’s nice to know there is at least one thing we can count on ! – d

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