Who Forgives ?

” Who forgives? ”

In the non-dual world, no-one does everything.

Experience here bears out the veracity of non-doing.

Life continues, without a symbolic “self”.

Life itself is a collective, needing no separate actors;
the “symbolic self – aka “me” – is not required.

Nonetheless, humans are not merely rational.
We are primates – mammals with powerful emotional lives.

Emotionality arises from (amongst other causes) perceived separation, self and others.

The perception of time magnifies the separation by telescoping out our reactions
to past and future.

Forgiveness practice is partly rational and partly non-rational –
because human life includes both, and a powerful part of most of human living is non-rational.

We cannot simply wish resentments, hatreds and hurts away,
just because they don’t make any sense.

It sounds like it ought to work that way, but in practice
the tenacity of negative thought forms
impresses with their durability and persistence.

On the rational end of things, forgiveness is another word for letting go:
releasing negativity, ( stressful and bad for your health )
releasing “the past”, ( doesn’t exist anymore )
releasing dualistic appearance. ( an innocent mistake )

Unforgiveness in any form is spiritual pollution ( bondage to the false )
born from dark thoughts in mind married to painful feelings in the body.

Whether the imagined self, other, or event ever existed strikes this one
as deeply irrelevant.

They no longer exist, except as thoughts in mind.

Not much substance there, but still it all must be dealt with.

The stagnant energy of resentment and other stucknesses has at times,
dragged on this life like a thousand pound anchor.

Clean the mind and heart out and be done with it once and for all !

This life continued from then forward with a new attitude,
an attitude resembling a smooth, clean teflon pan.


Forgiveness is good mental hygiene, par excelance !

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Photo from here : https://gastropods.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/helix-pomatia-13.jpg

[There are no thoughts without emotional correlates.
( not even mathematical thoughts – that’s how we can tell 2 + 2 = 4 and not 2 + 2 = 5 … they feel different. )]

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