Fear of Loss

What are you afraid of ?

Snakes ? Scorpions ? Airplane travel ?

Small potatoes.

I submit you are deeply afraid of losing your individuality.

You, but no longer special.

No longer really “me”.

If you have the time to burn
( you may not – I did- no kids, no overtime  )
you may see that the awake / nondual types are far from identical.

Each author speaks of the nondual awareness somewhat differently.

For instance, there is the eloquent http://theawakeneddreamer.com/

by Lori Ann Lothian ,

the heart of the matter by the stunning Amrita Skye Blaine http://theheartofthematter-dailyreminders.org/

the stupefying poetry and prose of Emile at http://echoesfromemptiness.com/ and http://theawakenedeye.com/,

the spaciousness of Nirmala http://endless-satsang.com/advaita-spiritual-teacher-nirmala.htm,

the marvelous productions of the LU Blogroll http://liberationunleashed.com/blogroll/

the amazing Kenneth Folk http://kennethfolkdharma.com/,

the depth of A.H. Almass of the the Rindwahn School http://www.ridhwan.org/

the breathtaking photography of Shantideva at http://shantideva.me/;

Examples abound – there are so many more.

We do not morph into clones.

Neither will you,

after realizing the Truth

of your existence.

God is not a clone.



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