Close Call

Recall a time when you were in sudden physical danger.

Got it ?

Now look closely into the elements of the experience.

What happened ?

Quick action ? Sudden appearance ? The unexpected ?

Where was that thoughty little “I” when it all came down ?

Waiting in the green room for a stage cue to re-emerge.


The memory of a close call from years ago leaps to mind.

A mild March night in the year 2000.

Driving home from a friend’s house.
No passengers.

Traffic average for after 9:00 pm –
fairly light on the four lane avenue.

Close up ahead, an oncoming car
drifted over the solid line stripe
and kept coming
directly opposite traffic.

Headlights glared dead ahead.

-No time to check the right mirror –
-No time to think –
-No time –

Blindly spun the steering wheel hard to the right.

Watched the oncoming car miss collision by inches,
arc harmlessly into an intersection,
straighten out
and drive off.

Thoughts appeared
after the action was over
and the body shook with fear.

I can’t believe it !
I nearly crashed !
I nearly died !

Hyperventilation accompanied
creeping down the street
at 5 miles per hour
in a 35 mph zone.

Thoughts played the Monday morning quarterback
recapping the real action
with pointless commentary.

If attention had mired
in the quagmire of thought play
for a fraction of a second
that memorable evening
the delayed reaction
may have prevented
this blog’s existence.
(amongst other things)

Clearly seeing the situation,
crossing lanes quickly,
oncoming car rolling by,
a spontaneous sequence of events unfurling.

Recognition, action –
everything essential
to life and safety –
by thought.


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