Can’t Unsee

The ” I got it/I lost it ” phenomena appears in many experiences of Gate crossing.

It looked like something was clear – now it is not.

” Once seen, it cannot be unseen.”

Is it true ?

Is that what experience delivers ?

Where did “it” go ?

Look carefully for yourself.

Really look, like that first time.

What’s here ?

Crossing the Gate is the beginning of a new stage of practice.

The same burning honesty and clarity that characterized seeing at the Gate has much application thereafter – every time conditioning arises…

The link below may shine some sideways illumination on how this happens, through a general discussion of how the brain is currently thought to function.

Apparently, the brain creates twice as much perception as it receives.

In other words, the brain busily projects a lot of things out into the world.

Food for thought.



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