Deep Listening

Yesterday attended a memorial.

A friend had died, and friends and family gathered to say goodbye in each other’s company.

His girlfriend had a lot on her mind.

Was happy to sit with her for as long as she needed.

Her troubled thoughts poured out into bright empty space, recognized and embraced in utter silence, received with full attention, undistracted and  unjudged.

After she was done she thanked me for listening.

What’s the practical, real world  application of the no-self thingy ? Here is one practical manifestation: holding another in our heart through deep listening.

Deep listening; giving the complete and unqualified gift of full attention, undiluted by distraction. [especially to someone who really needs it]

No, it does not guarantee that no-selfers are all better listeners – some are certainly not.

Nor does not imply that with training, any interested person cannot learn to listen better, regardless.

Undivided, full, nonjudgmental attention shows itself as a precious and uncommon gift.

In our incessantly distracted world, it’s almost like a super power.

In this one’s life, deep listening brings much joy in the giving.


Attentive listening from here:

Quote comes from here:

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