Who does anything, if there is no doer ?

The doer here disappeared.

The doing image once held in mind – a little field marshal, strutting about, shouting orders, in charge – is long gone.

For almost two years the mind has played with this question.

What does it mean for doing/not doing, since [except for imagination (and even then)] stuff keeps happening, same as before, just with no locus of agency (doer) ?

What does it mean to say that no one does anything ?

Activities happen.

Who gets paid when “I” go to work ?

Doesn’t someone have to water “my” garden ?

Feed “my” cat ?

Clean spam from “my” blogs ?

And what about all the “others” ?
Aren’t “they” in the same boat ?
How do “they” go about “doing” all the activity their lives require ?

Labeling it “life” side-steps the question.

Clearly, cockroaches are life, yet they do not hold jobs or feed cats.

Cockroach life is not empowered to respond to even the simplest situations of human life.

What is going on ?

Who does anything ?

Sometimes the mind might create a question that has no useful answer.

Example: “Can God make a rock so big she can’t pick it up ?”

God or no god, there may or may not be a rock so big that he/she/it can or can not pick up.

The question presumes things about gods, rocks, geology, gravity.
And the limits of the utility of language.

What do I presume about the “self” as a doer ?  

What is ” the doing self “, sans any preconceived idea of what must be?
Of what can’t be ?
Of who or what has to own it ?

Sit with it.

Find something there, you might.

Or maybe not.


Rock comes from here:

Field marshal comes from here:

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