Can you stop hearing ?
If hearing happens to someone, if it is yours, then why can’t it be controlled ?

Can you stop sensations ?
If someone is sensing, if sensing belonged to someone, wouldn’t they be able to stop it ? And yet, it goes on…

What about digestion ? Heart beating ? Breathing ?
Many autonomic processes, barely noticed run on their own in and throughout the body, keeping it alive without any conscious intervention or any awareness by anyone.

Can you stop thoughts ? Or do thoughts simply come, unbidden ?

If thoughts are not under anyone’s control, does anyone really own them?


Pic comes from here:


These excerpts come from a talk by Elena Nezhinsky to a group of spiritual seekers in Mesa, Arizona.
Any inaccuracy or discrepancy rests entirely with the blogger, as no notes were taken.

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2 Responses to Control

  1. Peter Lau says:

    We already perceived thru our 6 sense doors, n imbeded deeply into our subconscious mind so it is not so easily control it. It is not to say cannot,
    But you have to understand why we have to control it in the first thought, then we apply the training of our mind to slowly disassociate with the thought whether it is a pleasant or unpleasant thought.

    • dominic724 says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. What it sounded like from here that Elena was pointing to was not whether it was possible to learn new mental habits, but rather that thought, sensation, and sense experience happens spontaneously, continuously, without volition. There is no controller running the show – at least nothing remotely like how we imagine it. The talks she gave resulted in 4 Gate crossings – 4 people saw through the illusion of the separate self – and their lives are profoundly altered. If you are interested in this, please follow the links on this blogroll to other LU blogs, or to – d

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