Too Simple To Believe

Awakening seems mysterious,
inscrutable even.

Why ?

Not because it’s too complicated.

Just the opposite;
it’s too simple.

The mind can’t stand simple.

Give it a complication,
and it will play with it for hours.


If it were complicated,
you would have figured it out by now.

Or else somebody would figure it out,
you could just read the answer.

“You” can’t figure it out,
Because it’s not figure-out-able.

As far as this I knows,
no one has ever figured it out.

It’s too simple for figuring.

A belief has to drop away.

Beliefs are cherished,
even prized.

We love our beliefs.
Beliefs make us who we are.


Beliefs make us who we are.

Beliefs make “me” who “I” am.


Who am I without the belief in a self ?

What am I without believing the story of me ?

Where am I without referencing a me in the projection of past and future ?

What is it that knows the body, but neither identifies with nor is bound by the body ?

When this is seen,
and recognized fully,
awakening has happened.

“You” will see from “your side” of the equation
that there actually isn’t anyone on your side.

“You” will see that there are no sides.

The life of division
of separation
of restriction
smashes wide open
ten thousand pieces
glinting in the afternoon sun


no boundaries

no one left
to believe

nothing left to figure out


Keep looking.

There is something to see;
something utterly indescribable.

! Keep looking !

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Shattered glass pic comes from here:

About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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4 Responses to Too Simple To Believe

  1. Shantideva says:

    You express yourself in such crystal clear and simple way. It is amazing. Thanks for sharing and for keeping op this great blog.

    • dominic724 says:

      I have many times thought identically about your blogging expressions.

      From here, writing VN feels more like shooting arrows in a meadow at midnight under a moonless sky.

      Thanks for the kind encouragement, S. !

  2. Simple. Yes. And the funny confusing irony is that it can’t even be imagined as simple before it is actually seen to be that. Nice expression, Dominic, very very clear. And simple! 🙂

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