The Last Moment

Awakening happens when we are alone.
The event that ends the personal self
feels utterly personal.

Sitting at home on a cushion,
or at a computer,
waiting for a bus,
lying in bed,
or sky-gazing from a stone bench,
until the last moment,
we feel alone.

Sitting in a zendo
in the midst of a row of zabutons,
silent black-robed sitters on both sides
still alone.

Even if you are working
with a Guide from the LU,
you are still alone
until the empty construction
comes crashing down.

It is not the awakening event
that stands so stark and existential
in the life of the separate self,
it is the entire separate life
up until that moment.

The separate life gave birth
to Sartre’s questions,
to the search for meaning,
to the quest for happiness
and to the seeker,
searching for answers.

The life of the separate self
is a lonely life,
spent in self-constructed isolation,

Even when surrounded by others,
all the others “out there”…

The “I” stays isolated
on its lonely mountain-top

Awakening means no barriers.

Barrier thoughts collapse.

Other thoughts turn into questions.

An immediacy arises in experience
that eludes description….
more real
than words

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The demolition pic came from here:

The photo of Jean Paul Sartre comes from here:

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  1. Lynnjkelly says:

    Excellent. Have forwarded this post already.

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