Nowhere to be Found

[ Guest poetry on living the awake life by Dennis Waugaman . Enjoy ! ]

I look for a me. Nowhere to be found.
No me, no ID, what then?

A you?
Show me.

Body, mind, soul? Show me.
No, that’s not me.

There’s no one,
no one to enjoy,
no one to suffer.

Joy, suffering? Only passing.

I neither suffer nor enjoy.
Who then? No one.

Only passing. Only noticed, experienced.

By whom? Not I, not you.

There is no I, no you. Only happening.

Nothing born but a dream.
Nothing dies but a dream.

Every moment is death, every moment a new dream born.
That illusion of me, that dream that dies in the next.

Death is but a dream,
but the thought excites.

Excites the wonder in awareness.
The wonder of what can be if there is no me.

What then in death can be grasped as me?
No less, no more than an undead me.

Cease image of a moment’s span to hold thyself at all.
No self to hold.
Never was.

But what next?
What ID will the mind say be me ?


Many thanks to Dr. Dennis Waugaman, a good friend of many years, for this poem.

The Hubble Deep Field photo courtesy of Wikipedia :

*Edited only for spacing.

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1 Response to Nowhere to be Found

  1. Love that: ‘Nothing born but a dream. Nothing dies but a dream’. So well expressed

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