Sensory Immersion

Awakening is refocusing attention
away from identification with thoughts,
and toward the sensory world.

Michel Tardieu, a guide at the Liberation Unleashed forum, wrote these exercises to help bring and keep attention, and then awareness of attention, in the sensory world for just a little longer than it might otherwise stay. Long enough to notice.

For smelling, I have written this little practice, to do as often as you can :

As an introduction, I just give you an example of “direct feeling”, as I live it.
Most of the time, when people smell a flower, a Rose, for instance, they do two things.
First, they identify the perfume, (oh,it’s a rose, no doubt about that), and second, they think, or say “It smells good.” and it’s all [over], they go and forget the Rose.
So, they have not really smelled anything, just thought about a smell. But if I want to know what “to smell” is, what is the nature of “to smell”, I will keep my nose close to the flower 15, 20 seconds, or more, and feel deeply what happens; and after 30 seconds of pure “smelling”, without any thought, I can stop…, and do anything else.
No words, no conclusion, only the present and complete life of perfume.It’s a good example, because it’s very difficult to find words to think about this kind of experience; if you look for 30 seconds to a rose, you can speak during 30 seconds about it; but if you smell for 30 seconds the perfume of a rose, try …to speak about it after[wards for]  30 seconds.

Where I live, in spring, I can go from Roses to Lily, then to Lilac and I end by Iris : four very different perfumes, which resolve into one unity of “smelling nature”.

Try to do it, maybe with other kinds of odors: food, alcohol, shit, why not, you will not find any words to think about what you directly live. It’s just a very tiny example of “our true nature”.

Then comes “hearing immersion”…

When I listen music, I close my eyes and let the music flow through my sensations;
the first times I did listen like that, it was after smoking pot; many years later, I did it with a certain effort of concentration, and now, it comes effortlessly.
For that purpose, it’s better to choose a music you like; then, you have to stick to the music, not elude one note, feel each sound, timbre, melody, rhythm as a sensation. [Feel it] as if you were connected by a new sense you never have experienced before, as if you had somewhere a new sweet and delicate organ awakening quietly.
Imagine that missing only one note makes you die…You will discover that the slightest thought disconnects you from the musical flow, and the secret of the show is no thought allowed, please !

When listening with no thought,there’s no more self to listen.
No experiencer, only listening.

“Visual immersion” is practiced as following :

I choose often to focus on a plant, or a tree. I begin with the whole tree, and the feeling is “I don’t look at the tree, but the tree is looked at”.
Still here, no thought, the tree is all there is.
Then, I focus on one limb,
then on the leaves,
then I look closer at one leaf, observing its form, colors (try to count all different shades of green on only one leaf !),
contour (smooth, lacy, etc…),
I observe the complex network of tiny ducts on all the surface of the leaf.
And all this observation without thought (I had done this more than thousands of times, and do it every day now) If things turn well, you begin to feel very intimate with the leaf, you feel the leaf with your body, and this feeling can unfold to the whole tree.
At this stage, there’s still no experiencer, only experience.
No thought, no self…!

I hope all this will be useful.



These exercises were written by Michel Tardieu.
Many thanks to him.

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The rose pic comes from :

The music representation comes from here:

The leaf comes from here:

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10 Responses to Sensory Immersion

  1. bneal817 says:

    Greetings, my friend – I love your blog, the information you share, the links that you have compiled. To show my appreciation, I would like to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Check out my post here for more info on how it works:

    Thank you for sharing your story, and helping to spread the Awakening…

    ~ Ben

  2. Excellent! Sharing this gets it out to a larger audience and that’s way cool,dominic!
    Life just gets better and better, hmm?

  3. Hanuman Dass says:


    Just stopping by to thank you for liking so many of my posts. I’m grateful you found the content worthy. You’ve got a lot here I’m eager to read through, thank you for sharing! Look forward to connecting with you.

    Jai Sri Ram,

  4. Hanuman Dass says:

    The first exposure I had to the nondual message was through Ram Dass’ book ” Be Here Now” when I was 19. Throughout years of spiritual seeking (and non-seeking) that book gave life to a constant “remembering” of what I really am. I wouldn’t call Baba my sat-guru or Hanuman my Ishta devata or even Ram Dass my spiritual guide…but it is through these manifestations that I was and am now able to behold my true nature. Sort of like when someone sees a statue of the Buddha and perhaps they remember their awakening to no-self. At any rate, felt like sharing that since you mentioned Neem Karoli Baba!


  5. cherylwilfong says:

    Would you be a guest blogger on my blog?
    This Sensory Immersion piece would be great.

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