A year ago, this seeker still lived the story of struggle, an exasperated plodder on the spiritual quest.

Some said be ready to practice for hundreds of lives.

One must be born male.

And ordain as a monk.

And even then, don’t hold your breath.

Fast forward to now.

The unthinkable happened.

The world turned inside out, and no thing felt the same again.

Before this 2011 disappears, I am compelled to bow very deeply in gratitude to everyone and everything that allowed this year to arise in consciousness just the way it did.

Which is to say, everyone and everything.

In particular….

To Nirmala, who wrote the book NOTHING PERSONAL, plainly stating the simple truth : no thought has ever seen/heard/felt anything. ( So, what is it that knows thoughts !?!?!? )

To Adyashanti, who showed that an ordinary American can aspire to awakening and succeed, and who emphasized the importance of inquiry as an essential process for unraveling the fabric of the self.

To Ciaran Healy, creator of the Ruthless Truth* experiment (*no longer extant) whose archive was the last thing this self ever read.

To Elena Nezhinsky, author of the blog COMPLETE HUMANITY which led to the finding of the catalyst for self collapse.

To many friends and others on the internet and in realspace who have shared their insights and experiences, and helped make sense of the post Gate landscape.

To the fantastic writers whose guest postings appear on VANISHING NARRATIVE.

To the sincere and dedicated online community at LIBERATION UNLEASHED.

To ” buddies in the vastness “, awake neighbors on wordpress: Sam Watts of FREESTYLE AWAKENING and Lori Ann Lothian of THE AWAKENED DREAMER.

To you, kind readers, who all play essential parts in the unfathomable divine play of awareness awakening to itself.

May you awaken in 2012.

In deep gratitude,


About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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3 Responses to Gratitude

  1. skipperdad says:

    Very nice! And thank you for your blog and especially for speaking openly about your experience so that it can become something REAL for everyone.

  2. hugs to you lovely sweetness!

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