Third Break : Lost Imperative

More than three months ago, the “me” disappeared.

The most imperative thing to do at that time seemed to be to urgently broadcast this development.

Thus the blog.

One day the imperative evaporated.

The motivation to write, like the imaginary “me” was nowhere to be found.

The world I live in resembles a wacky 3D computer display where anything can and does ex itself out any time. Actually, it always had existed that way,  it just  did not appear so blatantly evanescent, so stark.

If there is no one here (there isn’t) and there never was (there wasn’t) what is actually going on ? Writer or reader, awake or pre-awake, what is happening ? Sounds like a question from Huang Po*, but this is after the Gateless Gate.

Apparently, awakening continues to develop and unfold.

Vaguely, I seemed to recall the desire to relate the waking up events as seen from here,
” The Roar of Silence”  (located at the top right corner of the home page)
to show how plain and simple the process was.

So, that’s done.

Beyond that, what?

Weeks passed.

Something new arose.

It always does.

A quiet sense , more gentle, more inviting, more of a wish to share a marvelous find with a friend.

This new sense may not generate many posts, given how many have already appeared here.

There is neither a plan to continue nor otherwise.

There is no planning.

Just a wish to share what’s been found.

And perhaps some roadsigns.

There is no one here: not you, not me.

There is no interaction between us.

And out of that vacuity arises joy.

Thanks for stopping by.

For more about awakening right here on WordPress, I highly recommend :

1)  Freestyle Awakening by Sam Watts.  Brilliant. Insightful.

2) Words from the Wind by Adam J. Pearson. A free-ranging gem of a find.

3) The Heart of the Matter by Amrita Sky Blaine.  Simply beautiful !

For some references about the Ch’an teacher Huang Po:

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9 Responses to Third Break : Lost Imperative

  1. How kind of you, Dominic. Thanks.

  2. tomkuoh says:

    I’m going to try on the costume of “reporter” for a while. The “me” who likes to share, either by writing, or by telling people, is the “reporter” whose job is to report on acts of God. The Real “I” is God. The “reporter” is an egoistic illusion. But reporting does happen. Huh? I’m already confused. LOL. It’s nice to meet you Dominic.

  3. Sam Watts says:

    Hey, thanks for the plug!

  4. Hello there!

    I am delighted you found me/you here in word land. Yes, the impulse to write and report is still alive and kicking as what this particular form seems to be for, for now…seven weeks awake, freshly hatched. Yet also not knowing any ultimates, rather simply the unfolding now, revealing itself. One sense of waking up for me is that I am like an infant in the peek-a-boo phase of development, forever giggling in delight at each fresh moment as if I have not seen it’s face before. Thank you as well, for the repost! (and yes, I am a Sam Watt’s reader…he’s got a bit of the King Solomen impartial wisdom about his style of expression).

  5. PS…you are now on the blogroll at AwakenedDreamer. I love to point readers in the One and Only Direction.

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