Awakening is About Subtraction …

Awakening is about subtraction.

There is nothing added to the mind.

And no one left to claim possession of it.

Awakening happens when something is lost.

The “I”.  The “self “. ” Me “. That’s what goes.

What remains ?

The body.  It’s just not “yours” anymore in that clingy kind of way.

A spacious, knowing presence remains.

It’s not the “watcher” of experience, there is just experience.

Life, happening.

No one for it to happen to.

No little “me” watching from inside somewhere.

Just watching.

Just life.

About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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5 Responses to Awakening is About Subtraction …

  1. Lovely! Clear and simple.

  2. Sam Watts says:

    Yes, when self-referencing thoughts go away, stillness and presence are what remains. The stillness-presence was there before, just ignored.

  3. msarb says:

    Very nice!!! Reminds me of Merlin the Wizard, of which my next post will be about!

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