Waking up with Direct Pointing

The following letter has been fitted to the page with spaces arranged and name redacted as requested by the writer. No other changes made.

Hi Dominic,

I’m writing an account of my experience over the last ~2 weeks for reference. It seems a perfect time to let you know what a crucial role you played in the realization of truth here.

Now that the dust has settled, understanding of what was and what is has become clear.  As you said the night we talked for so long, I was close but not quite there (man, it’s weird to have to speak in dual-nature to explain this most simple thing!).

The last two+ years had indeed been a slow, steady diminishing of self concept to the point that the only thing left was the thought that I wasn’t there yet, couldn’t be there yet.  Of course, ‘I’ had its reasons why ‘I’ couldn’t be there, as any ‘I’ would.  And that was enough.  Hilarious!!!

The four days after that Friday, the prevailing and highly unsettling confusion fueled a last burst of uncompromising investigation.  During that time, the ‘I’ constructed its last defense.  It sounded good, too.  This is where it REALLY gets crazy.

Last Thursday morning, a brain that was being thrashed by the fight for survival of an idea was suddenly pacified by an experimental brainwave manipulating  device.  The calm and stillness invoked by that machine was just enough to open the door.  The last string was cut that Thursday.

And so it is that you and your zany, wacked-out Friday night talk had a
profound impact.  Without that face-to-face, there would still be a zombie of an ‘I’ here, dead long ago but still walking and munching brains.

Thank you for the double barrel to the head!!!


G had been practicing bin-aural beat meditation and inquiry very rigorously for two years. He just needed a little chat.

And through the Gateless Gate he went.

Are you ready ?

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