There is No You

There is no you, no matter where or how you look.

An empty belief, much like Santa Claus, is what it comes down to. At least with Santa Claus, we can all in general refer to something with common characteristics, such as red coat, jolly laugh, white beard, etc.

The self has no characteristics, and yet we revolve our life around it, unexamined, unchallenged, taken for granted.

Where is the self to be found ?

Certainly not in the body.

Careful examination of the entire body, one section at a time, results in no self found. No one has ever found a self there, even though the default position of most humans is to believe ” I am the body.”

What says “My body ?” The missing owner of the body ? Where is this owner located, exactly ?

Examination of thoughts finds that “I”/”me” thoughts frequently pass through the mind, often as part of many discursive thought strings which wrap around “I.”  So the self is found in thought ? Apparently. Check and see if this is true.

Example statement: ” I am going to the store.”  Do thoughts go to the store ? Can they pick up a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk for you ? Well, then, just send the “I” and save gasoline.

When “I” am going to the store, it is generally taken to mean that a body is going to the store. So, “I” is sometimes the alleged owner of the body, sometimes the body itself.

What kind of thing has one set of characteristics one moment ( 5’9″ dark-skinned, medium build, male) and an unrelated set of characteristics the next moment ? ( no physical form at all, arising and disappearing every few seconds )

Why not just go to the store ? What’s the use of having the “I” story perpetually involved ?

What a drag the “I” thought plays on the real part of life.

Activity, sensory experiences,  actual direct engagement are all dimmed by the “I” filter, the haze of self, hanging in the air, languid and grey, costing energy while contributing confusion.

Isn’t it worth a look to see if this is real ?

What’s stopping you ?

Just look !

About dominic724

A former seeker starts blogging.
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