After the Gate …

There is a Zen term for losing the “I”. It’s called ” Stepping through the ‘Gateless Gate’ “.

Two days after the Gate, I messaged Elena Nezhinsky in gratitude on Facebook about it. Elena posted it on her Complete Humanity blog.

Within a few weeks, a friend of mine talked with Elena, looked for himself and saw that there was no “I” . He stepped through the Gate.

I gave a talk at a Friday night meditation class, and from the results of that talk, two more people walked through the process of looking for the illusory “I” with direct pointing, saw that there is no “I” anywhere, and stepped through the Gate.


Now what ?

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A former seeker starts blogging.
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2 Responses to After the Gate …

  1. betweenstops says:

    i like especially the “now what?” part
    where are you?

    • dominic724 says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      This blog is part of the response. Am also giving a few local talks. Whatever is necessary will arise, unbidden, just as all this did, whether “I” knew what was going on, or not !

      If you mean where do I live, I live in Arizona.


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