An Unlikely Catalyst

I like to read blogs.

One day, came across the blog “Complete Humanity”.

The author, Elena Nezhinsky, used a technique she describes as  “direct pointing”, pointing to help people see through the illusion of the self.

Utterly fascinated, I became a regular reader.

People would chat back & forth with Elena and then declare that they had seen that there was no self ! Hard to believe, but there it was, one after another.

There was a link to another site with other such dialogues, The Ruthless Truth , written by Ciaran Healy. (no longer exists – ed. note)

On July 24th, 2011, sometime before noon, I wandered over to Ciaran’s site, and started to read the archived dialogues. Ciaran was chatting with someone using direct pointing. Here is the dialogue:

CIARAN the core process revolves around
the intersection
between cause and effect
and life as such
this is where the unenlightened state
actually derives
from interference
between these two things
does that make sense?
i explain it in the blog
GUEST: yes
CIARAN ok cool
the way to become enlightened
is just to see
exactly how they really fit together
GUEST: my mind is looking for a tool
CIARAN that’s fine
don’t worry about that
i’ll give you a monkey wrench if you want it
it’s this
think about how we layer cause and effect over the full experience of life
in the present moment
what you’ll find
if you focus
and be disciplined with yourself
is that we assume
that ‘we’
are watching a video
that is life
and the video effects ‘us’
GUEST: yep
this is endemic
everyone does it
and that’s because
you don’t need to teach this
cause and effect
is the lens through which
we see the world
so the idea
of this video ‘we’ are watching
that’s having an effect on ‘us’
just kind of arises
GUEST: yes
the thing to realise
and if you can see this
that is you enlightened
is that the video
IS the totality of all things
such as you are
exist within the video
there is no audience
there is just the film
and you are
how to put this
within the present moment
an assumption exists
that there is someone experiencing it
that assumption
is part of the present
as all things are

I had been reading with a keen intensity up until the point of causality and the metaphor of the video. Just reading it over one time, something shifted.

The last bastion of the self collapsed.

The “me” disappeared as the imaginary distance between the imaginary self and everything else vanished,  just as the mirage it had always been.

Deep silence.




Shouting in the empty house.



Freedom !


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2 Responses to An Unlikely Catalyst

  1. Sounds like you ‘stepped outside’ and ‘stopped’. I like your style of writing and look forward to exploring your other posts.

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