Chipping Away …

A glimpse at the ” I ” left a permanent crack in the edifice of thought constructed self . Practice now strongly focused on this crack .

Having read of the practice of inquiry and the use of the classic Advaita “Who am I ?” / “What am I ?” phrase as an investigative tool, the technique adapted easily to exploit the weakness that had presented itself.

” What sees this ?” burned brightly  as an unanswered and potentially unanswerable question.

“What sees the moon?”

“What sees the sky?”

“What hears this sound?”

“What hears this ?”

The inquiry acted as a sharp chisel, chipping away the edifice of thought every day.

Every activity provided an opportunity to inquire. Driving. Walking. Waiting. Red lights. Supermarket lines.

What sees this ? What hears this ? What is it ? What !
Relentlessly inquiring, sometimes with furious exasperation, always with a keen interest and burning curiosity.

What sees this ?!

So practice continued for almost 16 months…


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