Two Questions

Two belief-related questions plagued this mind prior to awakening.

“Is awakening real ?” and “Will it ever happen to me?”

The second question provides much feedstock for this blog.

No, it will not ever happen to “me” – no “me” has ever awakened!

Awakening is a “me”-ectomy.

The me gets lost.

Obsessing about the “me” – but this repeats – describes pre-awake life.

The first question gets the spotlight today, “Is awakening real ?”

This one’s journey started through Buddhism.
The Buddha lived before writing was commonplace.
Long after his death, the account of his experiences
was written by people who had never met him.

Whatever it was that happened to liberate so many,
by the time the earliest surviving written accounts were produced,
disagreement and confusion had started about what got people free,
and why wasn’t it happening like it did in the past?

2500 years later, the same questions and more occurred here.

Is awakening even a real phenomena ?

If it is real, there must be some awake people walking around, right ?

Where are the awake people today ?

Fortunately, we live in a time when scientific inquiry has shed light on many areas of life previously limited to anecdotal evidence.

Some of the light of scientific inquiry has begun to fall on the study of the awakened.

This preliminary work establishes the no self phenomena as a measurable, explorable condition of human life, outside the descriptions of philosophy, religion, and most especially, outside previous psychological description.

Welcome to the research of Jeffrey A. Martin PhD and others studying ” self-reported persistent nonsymbolic nonduals “(SRPNs). [ aka "liberated" aka "awake" ] Jeffrey Martin presented his findings at the ” Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference 2012 ” in Tucson AZ on April 11.

Martin was not the only investigator working in the no self area.

Gary Weber, PhD , an SRPN himself,  gave a talk the previous evening (same conference) about research on changes in the brain that might lead to the “loss of self-referential narrative”.

Awakening is real.

Research on awake subjects is happening, papers written and published.

In a way, as subjects of research we are not different than any other.

People with clusters of letters after their names are talking about it, looking at it, describing it.

That’s how academia contributes.

Meanwhile, awakening actually happens somewhere, every day.

And some awake people who are called to do so are helping others across the Gate to freedom.


Jeffrey Martin’s Interview on Buddhist Geeks:

Jeffrey Martin’s Research Center:

Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference 2012 :

Gary Weber’s talk : Exploring Loss of Self-Referential Narrative and Awakening: A Research Subject’s/ Collaborator’s Journey can be referenced here: and more here:

For help or to learn more, please visit Liberation Unleashed at

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3 Responses to Two Questions

  1. A ‘Me-ectomy’…! Super! And thanks for the big references to the research, dominic. So cool to know that there are enough of us ‘out there’ now that we have attracted attention from ever more quarters.
    Much love.

    • dominic724 says:

      It was a pleasant surprise. Also, there were yet others who while not studying it directly included the ” autobiographical self” in their work because they recognized the significance of having one, and what that entails for how the mind works. Great conference. Very encouraging.! Thanks! P.S. – Just thinking of you earlier – S & I were watching “The Descendents” set in HI Gorgeous. – d

  2. dadirri7 says:

    numbers are growing … enough to attract research … what a wonderful thing! great reporting d :)

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